10/27/12 POTW

The ‘Flamboyant Tree’ (AKA Royal Poinciana), one of my favorite things about Florida!
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10/6/12 POTW

Gorgeous passion flower vine. We’d never seen these before moving here. With a sugary-sweet aroma, these blooms last only one day. They’re host plants for some species of butterflies in Florida, which is why we got them. They’re available at many nurseries, as well as Butterfly World.
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Tropical plants

Crazy plant life in our neighborhood… . . . → Read More: Tropical plants

In the tropics!

Things are very different here.  There are plants I’ve never seen before.  Trees, bushes, flowers…they’re all very…rainforesty.
We absolutely love how lush Florida is.  After a rain, I love to go into the yard and take photos of the foliage.  I am going to add to my ‘To Do’ list getting a book on local plant […] . . . → Read More: In the tropics!