MyFUNFlorida! We are new transplants to southeast Florida (from Texas!) and are enjoying trying all the restaurants, tourist attractions, shops, etc. that the area has to offer. We’re reviewing everything as we go. Won’t you join us?

Check back often….we’re just getting started!

9/29/12 POTW

At first I thought this must be some iguana variation, but turns out it’s a Knight Anole.  You can find a helpful lizard guide at the Wild Florida Ecotravel guide.

9/22/12 POTW

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk (I checked their homepage to make sure that wasn’t a typo).  🙂

*Clearly we’ve been out of pocket for a while.  I assure you we have been FULLY enjoying all southeast Florida has to offer & we have expanded waistbands to prove it.  Many many reviews of wonderful restaurants and fun things to do—coming soon!


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Price: Small sandwich $7, large $9

Food: We got the ‘Italian’- weren’t impressed, but it’s not a snazzy sandwich, & tasted similar to Subway.  I’ve gone back & tried the salami & provolone, but still wasn’t blown away.  People love them, and they get rave reviews online.  While I liked my sandwich alright, it was actually comparable to less expensive delis, so I would only go there if I had no other options.  The Ft. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea location is great to grab a sandwich and walk to the beach.  I really wanted to love them as much as the majority of the people in this area, but I didn’t.

Atmosphere: Supposed to be authentic New York style, complete with entertaining attitude.  The people were nice, and we heard that they throw your meat around as they make the sandwiches (one person is slicing, tosses to the person making your sandwich)—unfortunately didn’t happen when we were there.  I wanted more of a show.  🙂

Service: Everyone was very nice and helpful.

Tidbits: Famous hoagies, really a landmark here.  If you go during lunch, call your order in ahead of time, because they get CRAZY busy.  We went for dinner once and they’d run out of bread due to the nutty lunch crowd.  They’re that loved.  Takeout only.

4346 Seagrape Drive
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
(multiple locations)

3/19/11 POTW

Alligator Alley and the most gorgeous skies anywhere.

2/27/2011 POTW

Fort Lauderdale is celebrating her Centennial in 2011.  Happy Birthday!