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The state of Florida requires that you register your vehicle within 10 days of starting a job or enrolling a child in school.

How to do it (more detailed instructions further down):
1. Get a Florida driver license
2. Get auto insurance from a Florida insurance company
3. Register your car

1. Get a Florida driver license is a website that helps you figure out what you need to bring with you to get your license.

Once you’ve gathered your documents, you are ready to get your driver license. BUT WAIT… make the process a bit smoother, we suggest you make an appointment with the DMV at This won’t emliminate your wait, but you are allowed to go to the front of the first line to check in. Then you have to wait in the main waiting room. I’m not sure how much time this actually saves, but we were able to get in front of about 30 people this way. It did feel awkward and there were some dirty looks, but if you take the time to plan ahead & shedule your visit, it pays off a little.

(A small catch with this system: The appointment schedule is often so busy that you may not be able to get your license within the required 10 days. )

For more information on obtaining your Florida driver license, see the main DMV site here

2. Get auto insurance from a Florida insurance company

Be sure to get auto insurance with a company registered in Florida.  If you’re pulled over and don’t have insurance, your tag and registration could be suspended up to 3 years!

3. Register your car