First things first, get a fishing license. This is not necessary on some chartered trips. Call ahead to see if your license is included in the price you pay. Otherwise, get your license here.

Fishing piers:

Some are free, some aren’t.  Some have bait shops close by or on the pier.  You’ll usually have to pay for parking or be willing to walk a ways.

I’m still looking for some!


Anglin’s Pier, $7

Chartered trips:

These come in a slew of boat sizes and amount of time on the water.  Just to name a few (Please contact me if you’d like your company added):

Action Sportfishing

All-Inclusive Sportfishing

Fishing Headquarters

Flamingo Fishing

Lady Helen Charters

Lady Pamela II

Top Shot Sportfishing

Have some suggestions or experiences to share? Please comment below.

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