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Gol! Taste of Brazil

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Brazilian steakhouse

Price: $40 (*It was a slow night & I saw several people stop at the hostess stand to ask about prices.  She dropped the price by $5 or so to try & get hesitant people in.)

Food: Brazilian steakhouse, all you can eat salad bar & meat on skewers $39.95 (we had a coupon for 2 dinners & 2 drinks that I purchased from GottaHalfIt—if you can get a deal with a coupon, it’s much better).  They bring meat skewers to your table based on little green/red coasters you flip over on your table.  We were not hungry enough and the meat came by at a slow pace in the beginning, so I didn’t think we ate our $’s worth.  Would probably be a better pace on busy nights (in season).  I would have given it more stars if the price were lower or “meat pace” higher.  We tried Brazilian beer, Caipirinhas (a mixed fruity cocktail)–the ‘Traditional’ tasted like a sweet margarita on the rocks.  These mixed drinks normally $10.

Atmosphere: Has typical indoor buffet & also a large open area with some tables outside & on the street.  It’s a lovely area with much foot traffic, so great people-watching.  Also, live music by some guy singing lounge music & playing a keyboard just inside the restaurant.

Service: Excellent service, actually got irritating how many times they asked us if we were happy with the service & food (probably b/c there are some bad reviews on other sites online.  They were also very slow that night).  I can’t describe how aggravating this became.

Tidbits: Valet parking $7, other spots may be available on the street (free parallel parking), but probably hard to find when busy.

411 East Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483-4581
(561) 272-6565