6 o'clock Muse These musings will certainly not happen daily, much less exactly at 6 o'clock, but the title suggestion made me smile . . .

In the tropics!

Things are very different here.  There are plants I’ve never seen before.  Trees, bushes, flowers…they’re all very…rainforesty.

We absolutely love how lush Florida is.  After a rain, I love to go into the yard and take photos of the foliage.  I am going to add to my ‘To Do’ list getting a book on local plant life.

Hot Dog Heaven was not to be…

Oh, we’ve been meaning to try this place out for months.  It claims to be world famous, so certainly needs to be included in the restaurant reviews.  Armed with antacids, we headed out.  I forgot to eat lunch today, so was really primed for meaty goodness.

Then we learned that they close at 4:30.  PM.  As in just before dinner time.   What the WHAT?  When do people here eat hotdogs?   Breakfast?   We were really disappointed, but we’re going to return sometime BEFORE 4:30pm.

As an aside, they have some super-incredible shutters that they pull shut around all their windows (see the photo below).  I can’t imagine they have billions of dollars inside.  Which can only mean one thing:   their hotdogs are really heavenly and we MUST have one…

Lizards in the yard

They are everywhere here.  Tiny little anole lizards, darting across every square inch of the yard.  Bobbing their heads & flaring their neck waddle-things.  They’re too stinking cute and I just love them.

Tonight I saw a roach in the house and about lost my marbles.  I don’t think I’ve seen one of those since we moved here.  They’re all over the place in Texas & I couldn’t despise them more.

I realized that the reason they’re probably scarce is because of the lizards.  I<3 them even more now…

January on the beach

Fort Lauderdale beach, 1/8/2011. At 70 degrees with a light breeze, I am really enjoying the first part of 2011! Lots of swimsuit-clad people hanging out on the beach or strolling the pavement. All the restaurants & clubs were packed across the street. Love this ‘winter weather!’

Yard crab returns

This little (ha! It’s 5 inches across his back) guy came back to visit tonight, complete with a little attitude. He makes me question flip-flops as the shoe of choice when walking the dog at night. I’d like to keep all my toes…