6 o'clock Muse These musings will certainly not happen daily, much less exactly at 6 o'clock, but the title suggestion made me smile . . .

Be careful on the beaches!

While they do look like lovely blue glass ornaments on the beach, these Portuguese Man-of-wars pack quite a punch and have really been washing up onto the beaches in high numbers.

The lifeguard information flags are useful if you know what they mean. Today they flew green (calm waters) and purple (marine pests). If you’d like more information on the flags, please see the Beach Safety page.

Portuguese Man-o-Wars on beaches

Be careful on the beaches as there are many Portuguese Man-o-Wars washing ashore recently.  Read more of the story at News Channel 5.

Deep sea fishing deal!

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Florida Panthers ticket deal!!

This deal has expired.

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Tropical plants

Walking through the neighborhood today, I snapped some photos of typical Florida yards and all the crazy plant life.  And yes, that is my thumb in some photos–the dogs weren’t so interested in letting me stop to photograph plants…

There’s some crazy ivy that seems to take over the trees.  If you look around, the ivy has some smaller leaves and resembles the stuff I’m familiar with around offices and homes.  Only this stuff is on steroids and has leaves almost as large as me.

There seem to be a huge variety of palm trees, from kinds with almost concrete-like smooth trunks (my favorite) to super-rough-I’d-hate-to-shimmy-down-that basket weave trunks.  Some bear coconuts, others don’t.  And the leaves come in all shapes, sizes, and conformations.

Walking along some streets, it’s so incredibly lush that you wouldn’t be suprised to see a Jurassic Park creature emerge.  We saw some wierd green ball fruit on a small tree/bush.  I really should have snagged one to cut open when we got home, but I was afraid of getting caught by the homeowner.  Next time…