How we pick places

Some of the stuff we do is recommended by coworkers. As we’re new to the area and I’m a nut for good deals, I have used a couple online services to help out.


This is a fairly new business, and they email a new ‘deal of the day’ every few days. It entitles you to a deep discount on a myriad of things. I’ve seen deals for restaurants, tourist stuff, manicures, golf lessons, laser hair removal, massages, etc. Do be sure to read the fine print, but they are certainly worth it. Getting deals like this has exposed us to so many places we would probably never have heard about otherwise.

I only recently tried this site, after a recommendation by a lady next to us at Rock & Roll Ribs. If you sign up for the emails & wait for them to contact you with great deals, it’s wonderful. I recently bought fifteen $25 certificates for $2 each. Be sure to read the fine print on those as well. You often have to get $35 worth of food (or something like that). Hey…$35 worth of food for $12 total isn’t too shabby.  Check out the link below.