About Us

Transplanted Texans. . .

We recently moved to southeast Florida from Texas, having literally chose this area over places all over the globe…and we haven’t looked back.  Our goals were to live in an exciting, welcoming, fun area, and to have friends and family surrounding us as much as possible.  We didn’t know a soul in Florida, but that’s not an issue, as the friends & family are coming to us!  What a deal!
The next step was to learn everything there is to know about the area so that we could be fabulous tourguides for the hordes of visitors we expect to have.  Being the type-A personality I am, I quickly needed to make lists and organize all the information I was gathering.  This morphed into a website for family & friends….which became my blog/review site.

I hope you enjoy checking out the area along with us.  Please post your ideas and impressions of the area as you go.  The more, the merrier!