MyFUNFlorida! We are new transplants to southeast Florida (from Texas!) and are enjoying trying all the restaurants, tourist attractions, shops, etc. that the area has to offer. We’re reviewing everything as we go. Won’t you join us?

Check back often….we’re just getting started!

10/27/12 POTW

The ‘Flamboyant Tree’ (AKA Royal Poinciana), one of my favorite things about Florida!

10/20/12 POTW

Can those clouds even be real?  Taken on Fort Lauderdale beach.

10/13/12 POTW

Kite aerial photograph on Fort Lauderdale beach.

10/6/12 POTW

Gorgeous passion flower vine. We’d never seen these before moving here. With a sugary-sweet aroma, these blooms last only one day. They’re host plants for some species of butterflies in Florida, which is why we got them. They’re available at many nurseries, as well as Butterfly World.

El Guanaco Taqueria Y Antojitos

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Yummy local Mexican-Salvadorian find!

Price:  $7-13

Food:  Mexican-Salvadorian cuisine is made just a few feet away from your table in this open diner-style cozy restaurant.  Everything is made fresh.  We had no idea what to order, and one of the two owners (both the sweetest ladies) gave us some suggestions.  I had a Horchata, which is a milk-cinnamon-chocolatey drink that’s sent from heaven.  They’re known for their pupusas, which are like thick tortillas stuffed with cheese and other goodness (beans, meat, or loroco).  We tried some of each kind.  Loroco is an edible flower, and those were our favorite.  We also tried the tamales and tacos, which were delicious!  The beans and rice are fabulous as well.  Oddly enough, there was a slaw-like side garnish which was very spicy–and was yummy enough to have as a meal itself.

Atmosphere:  The diner is very small, perhaps 5-6 tables.  It is very casual, and they also have take out available.

Service:  We’ve been a few times now and one of the owners (if not both) have always been there and wait on us.  They’ve offered different things for us to try and are eager to share their food and culture with anyone who will let them.  We will definitely be frequenting this place!

Tidbits:  Private parking.  There have been coupons on for this place, if you’d like to try it out with a little less $ risk.  You’ll be back.  🙂

331 Northeast 44th Street
Oakland Park, FL 33334
(954) 351-0792
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